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Smoothside is delighted to welcome Liam Watson, producer extraordinaire and owner of Toerag, the unique 4/8 track analogue studio. Toerag opened in 1991 and moved to its present location in 1998. It has a treasure trove of vintage amps and is home to an Abbey Road REDD series desk, one of only 4 commercially available in the world.

Liam is responsible for producing and engineering artists that include The Datsuns, Razorlight, Supergrass, The Zutons, Dan Sartain and James Hunter not forgetting ‘Elephant’ the seminal album from The White Stripes .

Liam has produced and mixed the newly released and brilliantly reviewed album ‘Dan Sartain Lives’ for Dan Sartain , the forthcoming album from Bobby Long, the current album for Electric Wizard, the forthcoming album from The Ettes and tracks for Delta Maid and Leah Mason.

Previous credits include The White Stripes, High Cornwell and Tame Impala, Madness and James Hunter.

Daily Telegraph - 12-02-07 - Walls of Sound

ToeRag, Hackney, East London

When the White Stripes were preparing to make their global breakthrough album, they could have chosen to record it anywhere, but they opted to hole up in a comfort-free studio in an impoverished district of London.

The ensuing two-week sessions yielded one of the decade's most influential hits, Seven Nation Army.

ToeRag's selling point is the vintage analogue equipment hoarded there by engineer Liam Watson since he opened up shop in 1992. Many garage-rock bands have followed the White Stripes' path to Hackney, none quite enjoying the same success.

Key recording: Elephant by the White Stripes

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